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Here at CRU Sustainability we are critical thinkers and we work hard to understand, analyse and solve problems so we can be more responsive. This, combined with an inquisitive mindset, ensures we are always looking for potential new answers and solutions to your big questions.

Many of our analysts and consultants have joined us following long-standing careers in the industry, spun out of that is a deep knowledge and expertise giving you the confidence that we understand your industry and markets at a profound level; we know your challenges. All this makes for a more trusting and collaborative relationship ensuring the best outcomes for you.

Indeed, it is through these actions that we have built our exceptional reputation over the past 50 years. It enables us to give you the wider view.

Find out more about the specialist CRU Sustainability Team.

Established in 1969, CRU has over 50 years of industry knowledge that can help you take the wider view on sustainability.

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If you have an immediate question to tackle or are looking for ways to respond to changes in sustainability, then we can help

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