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Here at CRU we understand the implications of the changing climate policy and regulation landscape. There is already pressure on companies, financial institutions and governments to embody climate considerations into their future economic and financial decision making; and rising demands to report on the impact they have on the climate and environment. These pressures will only increase.

Reliable and comparable climate data are crucial to assess financial risks, properly price and manage climate risks and take advantage of the opportunities arising from the transition to a low-carbon economy. A mix of policy interventions is likely to be needed to catalyse convergence towards a consistent set of global disclosure standards and minimally accepted global taxonomies.

We have an in-depth understanding of the various economies around the world and their pledges and progress towards net zero. That puts us in a strong position to advise on potential changes to climate policy, and what it could mean for you.

Our knowledge of sustainability issues within the industries we serve gives us a powerful understanding of how emissions and environmental policies impact markets. This enables us to create the detailed models, scenario analysis and robust forecasts that businesses need.

To mitigate the risks of changing policy on environmental sustainability, we are well positioned to:

1) Be a credible voice as the policy landscape evolves, and assess what upcoming climate policies mean for you.

2) Produce reliable and comparable sustainability data so that you can benchmark your carbon footprint and broader environmental impact against peers.

3) Provide actionable insights on what you can do to achieve your sustainability targets.

Case study

EU Carbon border adjustment impact assessment.

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Case study

Analysing water demand and infrastructure requirement in the Chilean mining sector.

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Find out more about CRU Sustainability’s Policy and Regulation Services.

Our insight, advice and high-quality data will help you make effective strategic business decisions to realise your sustainability goals.

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“En+ Group is committed to leading the global aluminium industry into the low-carbon economy. CRU’s data and insights place us in a strong position to make the complex data-driven decisions needed to accelerate our efforts."

Lord Barker
EN+ Group

Our policy knowledge, combined with high-quality sustainability data lay the foundations for how we can help you act to realise your sustainability goals.

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“How can we keep up with changing policies?
It’s overwhelming.”

We monitor and understand how changes to climate policy and regulation affect the public and private sectors, and markets. Stakeholders across the value chain, from producers to financial institutions, rely on us to keep up to date on the implications for their industry. Our data and forward-looking outlook provide you with a set of actions that you can take to reduce emissions and improve sustainability.

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