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The world is rapidly transitioning to a sustainable future, driven by global leaders and new policies. At CRU, we understand your challenges in navigating this changing landscape.

Our tailored solutions help you thrive by providing valuable insights, data, and expertise to support your sustainability journey. With our deep industry knowledge, proprietary data-driven insights, and extensive network, we empower you to make informed decisions, anticipate policy changes, and stay ahead of the competition.

Our expertise spans policy developments, decarbonisation strategies, green technology developments, and the cost implications of emission reduction scenarios.

Additionally, we offer valuable data on carbon pricing, emissions trends, abatement curves, energy costs, pricing dynamics, demand forecasts, and renewable capacity.

Using our global footprint, our closeness to the market, on-the-ground experience and our vast network of contacts, we have built a reputation as an independent authority covering all the angles to connect policy, data and decisions.

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Our reputation as an independent and impartial authority means you can rely on our data and insights to answer your big sustainability questions.

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“CRU Sustainability answers our big questions in an ever-changing sustainability landscape. Their data and insights empower us to visualise a wider view of emissions right across our value chain. Trafigura is committed to supporting the transition to a low carbon future and looks forward to working with CRU Sustainability to achieve this goal."

Richard Head
Head of Health, Safety, Environment & Communities
Trafigura Groupe Pte Ltd

We provide data and insight that enables you to make important decisions in key areas:

Policy and

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Carbon Markets
And Pricing

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The future speed and direction of sustainability trends might be uncertain for many but our experience, research and global footprint will help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Ready for the big questions.

“How can we start on the road to net zero?
It's so daunting”

It is no secret that most people have questions when it comes to starting their sustainability journey. We provide data and insight that enables the public and private sectors to make important decisions, whether that is to reduce emissions, transition to renewable energy or embrace the circular economy. We can provide you with a set of options that allow you to lower your carbon emissions, and stay ahead of the curve. Everything we do is designed around answering your big questions.

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“What does the Paris Agreement mean for my business?”

The path to net zero will be enabled by changes in financial markets, production and technology, but shaped by government policies and regulation. CRU can help you understand these policies and the implications for your markets, whether that is forecasting carbon prices, benchmarking emissions against green standards or adapting to technological change.

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