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CRU can provide the detailed analysis that you need on the future of renewable energy. We give you the wider view on scenarios for electrification and the impacts on demand and prices for all players in the markets.

The global energy transition is underway, but uncertainty remains. The strength and direction of policy may end up being faster or slower. From understanding the broader impacts of the energy transition to the specific implications for individual assets, we act as an independent authority. We can step back; we have the facts; we provide actionable insights.

It is recognised that we understand the needs of our clients and the industries we serve. We have an appreciation of the constraints and pressures arising from the ongoing clean energy transformation. Whether you want to understand the implications of transitioning to renewable energy or if you have questions relating to the commercial viability of green ammonia or hydrogen projects, we can be your trusted advisor.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have an indispensable role to play in reaching net zero emissions worldwide. We monitor the regulatory frameworks around CO2 emissions standards and zero-emission vehicle mandates; track EV tax and subsidies and monitor developments in battery chemistry and battery costs. We can help you navigate the policies, regulation and data from multiple angles.

Data & Expertise To Answer Your Big Questions

The challenges of switching to clean energy will be considerable. We work closely with the public and private sectors, to future-proof and support their energy transition with policy knowledge, data and analysis. We cover topics from the viability of energy alternatives to the broader context of funding to support transformation.

Whether you are in an investment position or entering the fulfilment phase, our data and analysis provides the visibility you need to harness opportunities presented by emerging technologies and pave the way for the energy transition.

The Clean Energy Transition Experts

A shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable sources of energy will affect how and where power is generated, industrial consumption and the transport we use. Clean energy, grid scale energy storage and electrification are the three key enablers of the energy transition.

We can step back and think critically, assess your needs and provide you with the insights you need to make decisions or develop a strategy around the move towards electrification.

Data-led Insights

Our industry expertise means our analyst team looks at both the micro and the macro landscape to extract data and insights. We provide the breadth and depth of knowledge needed. Our data is based on primary research, delivering an independent perspective that you can depend on.

Clean Energy and Electrification Policy Expertise

To help you predict, respond to and prepare for the future, we provide expertise on policies affecting the clean energy transition. We can create a variety of policy scenarios so that you can make better-informed decisions.

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ESG and Portfolio diversification.

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Providing detailed analysis on the future of renewable energy for your industry. From wind and solar, green hydrogen and green ammonia to the outlook for electric vehicles and battery metals, we have you covered.

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“Nexa invests in a range of programs dealing with climate change and lower carbon emissions, reducing energy consumption and optimising water use. CRU’s insights place us in a good position to make data-driven decisions.”

Tito Martins
Nexa Resources

If you have an immediate question to tackle or are looking for ways to respond to changes in policy, legislation or even new technology then we can help.

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Ready for the big questions.

“How can we future-proof our energy transition?”

CRU’s policy expertise means that we can advise on the speed of the clean energy transition and how it may impact on your investment and operating decisions. Our team will work closely with you, to monitor and help you respond, to the unknowns around future policy changes and disruptive events.

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