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The net zero priority is forcing organisations to look at material efficiency, more durable, longer-lasting products and increased recycling. This requires an environmentally sustainable approach, especially within sourcing.

This is where CRU can help. Through on the ground research, in-depth market understanding, detailed scenario development and our metal demand expertise, we can support your business as it changes to benefit from the circular economy. We can identify the markets and geographies that are embracing recycling and give you insight on the levers, such as green product standards or emission reduction strategies. Our mission is to bring simplicity and clarity to reducing your environmental impact.

We also anticipate technological adaptation, changing consumer aspirations as well as barriers and supportive policies that will shape the circular economy going forward.

Why? Because we believe in preparing for tomorrow, today and working with you to make changes for good, for the benefit of generations to come.

Answering The Big Questions On Recycling

Our extensive network spans consumers, producers, supply chain intermediaries, investors, financial institutions, government and non-government organisations. This enables us to gather cutting edge intelligence across the whole value chain on a global scale. You can be confident in using our expertise to help shape your recycling decisions, whether that is through cost modelling or reviewing the role of scrap within the entire supply chain.

Robust Projections Founded In Data

To help you predict, respond, and prepare for the future, we offer scenario planning workshops. These are based on a variety of projections that incorporate both micro and macro factors. Such modelling will help you to:

  • Navigate the different economic scenarios that might create different global, regional, and sector adoption rates.
  • Forecast the impact of economic and infrastructure change.
  • Anticipate technological adaptation, consumer aspirations, and supportive policies.

In addition, we will use our deep expertise in forming and testing critical assumptions on recycling outlooks and inflection points. We can help provide a robust assessment of long term market risks from recycling to provide you with the wider view.

Expert Value Chain Knowledge

Our detailed data sets, robust methodologies and on-the-ground expertise means, we can provide the visibility on complex secondary markets that you need to make business decisions. By leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we can understand the key drivers of the shift to a circular economy and the role of secondary markets. This deep knowledge enables us to identify the barriers and supportive policies that will shape the circular economy going forward.

Reliable And Comparable Data

CRU has extensive data on scrap utilisation, collection and recovery by value chain, region, and end use. We have the actionable fact base that provides the framework for reliable evidence-based conversations that you can depend on. For more than 50 years, we have been playing a positive role in the interaction between data and your industry, so you can rely on us for data and analytics that are accessible and actionable.

Case study

Recycling marketing study in automotive and consumer goods.

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Case study

Long-term Chinese steel and scrap sector outlook.

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Find out more about The Circular Economy.

In this fast-changing landscape, material efficiency and recycling are becoming increasingly important. Through data and the depth of our expertise, we can help you see the wider view.

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“Norsk Hydro have a set of ambitions and targets to reduce our own environmental impacts and emissions including “30 by 2030”, a 30% reduction of own CO2 emissions throughout the aluminium value chain by 2030, and also target increased share of recycled post-consumer scrap (PCS) in Hydro’s products. CRU Sustainability’s data analysis, critical thinking and industry expertise allow us to address complex decision-making processes in this area”.

Pål Kildemo
Norsk Hydro ASA

If you have an immediate question to tackle or are looking for ways to respond to changes in the circular economy, then we can help.

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Ready for the big questions.

“The Circular Economy wouldn’t work for our business, would it?”

CRU Sustainability will work closely with you to identify barriers and supportive policies that will shape the circular economy in your business going forward. We monitor and can help you respond to the unknowns around future policy, anticipated technological adaptation and changing consumer aspirations.

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